In the symposia of ancient Greece, the kilyx (κύλιξ) was the cup around which citizens gathered. Here they networked, bonded and kept learning while sharing wine and new ways of thinking. The Greek symposium nurtured high performers in an overachieving, nimble and creative culture that continues to inform, shape and inspire us 2,500 years later.

Today, Kilyx professional education cohorts provide leaders and managers with a proven platform around which to gather their people, inform their minds, and improve their performance from the inside out.

Kilyx virtual cohorts are co-facilitated with our clients’ leaders. They are smart, social, bite-sized, relevant and actionable. They are tailored to align with your strategic priorities and embed the learning into your organization’s processes. They immerse busy, mobile professionals in emerging research, great stories, and the brilliance of intellectually and emotionally collaborative teams that think differently, catalyze change, and inspire action.

It’s a simple, proven and timeless approach to realizing the limitless human potential of your talent and sustainable enterprise growth. You and your teams will love the experience and the outcomes!

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