Major Account Executives are of course proficient at educating their clients and prospects about what their companies do and how to meet their needs using the products and services they represent. However, the stars shine bright not by virtue of their product knowledge and hard work. Rather, they are different because they are on a mission to change the world in some way, large or small. The organizations, products and services they represent, as well as there clients, are but symbols of their cause; a means to an end.


Think: People don’t buy Apple because they are the most cost-effective products on the market. They buy them to “Think Different.” A million people didn’t march to Washington DC to hear Martin Luther King Jr’s. plan; he had “a dream.” Disneyland isn’t an amusement park; it’s “the happiest place on earth.” People won’t buy from you simply because you have great products (someone else has the same commodity with an added feature for less money). Who they will buy from is the person whose belief in why the product or service is important inspires them to act.


In this Leadership Symposium you will immerse yourself in a specific mindset that characterizes great leaders who inspire others to follow them. They Start with Why.


What You Will Learn:

  • Adapt Sinek’s insights to assess and transform your research, messages, conversations, presentations, proposals, and thinking.
  • Identify the personal and organizational Why(s) that drive you as a sales leader to carry out your organization's values and vision through your business development role.
  • Establish alignment between your personal values and your organization’s values to enthusiastically support your organization’s vision.
  • Build your own personal client success legacy.


Who Should Attend?

Any Major Account Executive who is looking to be inspired, and to inspire others to follow them. (Note: If manipulation, fear, bullying, price cutting, and bluebirds feel good and are producing the results you want, then this is not the program for you.)


Inspire Everyone to Take Action - Start with Why Kilyx Leadership Symposium

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