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You are busy. Okay, you are very busy.


We have designed a bite-sized approach to sales leadership education that you can fit into your busy calendar. To participate you need to make enough time every 10 days to study approximately 30-50 pages from a best-selling book and participate for one-hour in a scheduled virtual discussion.


Start with WHY - Overcoming Commoditization, Manipulation, and Product Selling. Inspire people to follow you.



Happiness Advantage - Overcoming Commoditization, Manipulation, and Product Selling. Inspire people to follow you.



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Made to Stick Leadership Symposium

Spin Selling Leadership Symposium



Do you want your Major Account Executives to communicate effectively with the C-suite? Then teach them to be leaders. Do you want them to be innovative? Then nurture their minds. Would they benefit from an executive presence? Then immerse them in an executive learning environment and culture. These are all qualities that can be grown in people throughout their lives and careers. It isn’t an, “either you’ve got it or you don’t” proposition.


Therefore, we facilitate the same high-quality Leadership Symposia for the Sales Elite at individual organizations as we do for individual professionals who are proactive about their own continuing professional education. We have facilitated in-house learning cohorts for leading technology companies in the Silicon Valley, top healthcare providers, disruptive insurance companies, and global retailers. We can empower you to drive your talent development initiative to new heights too, and in ways that your people will love.


Think about blending a Leadership Symposium into your major sales meetings, the development plans of your senior team members, high potentials and underperformers, or the roll out of a new sales transformation initiative. Connect with us to discuss your goals and challenges to see how a leadership development approach for sales executives can serve as a catalyst to realize your objectives.


While we focus on the sales elite, these programs have crossed department silos, seniority levels and pay scales within organizations to bring people together to achieve an organization’s strategic goals and objectives. Our learning communities are a catalyst for personal, professional and organizational change and development. We tailor our programs to meet your specific needs.


Applications include:

  • Leadership Academy Kick Off: reduce barriers between participants in 16-month succession planning program
  • Sticky in Sydney Forward Group: prep team to evangelize improved process and common language to entire Developer Relations organization creating videos for 3rd-party developers
  • NE Directors Communication Cohort: improve Regional Directors’ ability to get their key messages heard, remembered and acted on at all levels in their region.


Connect with us to learn more.

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