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In addition to "...a track record of exceeding quota,” most Major Account Executives' job descriptions include, “be entrepreneurial,” “interact effectively with the C-suite,” and exude “executive presence.” Meanwhile we receive sales enablement trainings which include sales methodology, sales processes, product trainings, technology trainings, compliance trainings, skills trainings, and industry trainings. While these were for the most part really high-quality programs, something was missing. It turns out that “something” was a culture and strategy that complemented these training initiatives by nurturing a leadership mindset in Account Executives that is capable of inspiring prospects and clients to follow them.

Kilyx was founded to champion the cause of Major Account Executives like you. Like the leaders of your company and those of your clients and prospects, you need to inspire, exude executive presence, be creative and entrepreneurial, and be able to communicate effectively with people at all levels of an organization, including the most senior.


To do this, we assert that you need to stay current with emerging research, be loaded with great stories that provide insight and get people to act, and sustain fluency around the brilliance of thought leaders who are shaping the new and time-tested paradigms in the 21st century.

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